We are so excited to be having a Laughy Reunion and are even more excited to greet you all this summer.  The committee members this time are descendants of Joseph Valentine Laughy.  Our contact information is at the end of this document and anyone of us will be happy to supply more information if you need it. 
We can’t wait to meet some of you for the first time and to reunite with the rest of you!  We hope you will want to make the treck to share this amazing gathering of family and join in the events, even if you are just the person laughing on the sidelines at the rest of us or cheering us on.  A Laughy gathering is always filled with Love and Laughter.
Where & What of Amenities
  • Reunion location is Hazel Bluff Hall - On Highway 18,  4 Miles West of Westlock Alberta
  • Free Camping onsite - no hookups, come self contained
  • Potable Water and waste deposit for campers available at Mounty Park in Westlock
  • Showers available in Westlock at the Pool or Spirit Center for a fee
  • Hotels offsite in Westlock: Westlock Inn, Quality inn and Ramada – BOOK EARLY IT IS WESTLOCK GRADUATION WEEKEND.  Contact information on registration form.
  • Hall floor available for sleeping space – bring everything you need, no promise of privacy or quiet
  • See map for all above locations
  • Pets on leash at all times and kept in your own space.  No pets around food areas or in hall at anytime.
  • Lots of area for walking/exercising pets away from the action and please provide your own bags for clean ups.
Meals and Foody Information
  • Provided: Friday Supper Wiener Roast, Saturday & Sunday Breakfast, Lunch and Supper, Monday Breakfast and Lunch, some details will be on the registration form
  • Cookies or squares welcome for desserts and snack times
  • Saturday afternoon create you own Sundaes with all the fixings
  • Saturday afternoon kids make Lava Cakes for supper dessert
  • Sunday afternoon kids decorate Cupcakes for supper dessert
Bring Your Own Booze and Non-alcohol Beverages
  • A name Labeled Souvenir Go-Cup or Water Bottle will be provided to all at registration.  To comply with our liquor license - all alcoholic beverages away from your campsite, or in the hall, must be in these or a nondescript container.  Please be cooperative to avoid any undue conflict for everyone.
  • There will be no bar set up in the hall or on site, nor any alcohol on site for purchase - simply retrieve your drinks from your camper and place in provided container and you are good to go anywhere indoors or outdoors on site.
  • If not camping, make arrangements to store your alcohol with someone who is
  • Using the containers allows you to move around from your campsite with a drink for visiting or to do activities.
  • Coffee, Tea and Water will always be available
Designated Drivers and Alternatives
  • If driving in a group appoint a designated driver.
  • We are working on Taxi service options from Westlock
Daily Activities
  • Outdoor sports and games, tournaments, card games including crib, challenges, musical jam sessions, sing-a-longs etc. and others listed below. 
  • If you have something you would like to see - Go for it, bring what you need and let us know your plan, so we can add it to the timeline we will display on the sign-up sheets.
Silent Auction, Raffle and 50/50, Event Prizes
  • Larger Silent Auction items appreciated - especially handcrafted items. Some end Saturday night and remainder ends Sunday afternoon – please either be there to pay and take home or arrange to have someone do so
  • Smaller raffle items will be won by buying tickets and placing them in draws for items of your choice, ends Sunday afternoon - must be there to win
  • Weekend 50/50 raffle final draw after Sunday Supper - must be there to win
  • Donations for small prizes suitable for all ages would be appreciated for fun events and game winners
Volunteers will be needed to assist in all areas.  Meal leads & event organizers will be asking all attendees at some time to “help a cousin”.  A perfect way to get to know one another is working together. 
Irish Rovers Happy Hour
Happy Hour is a long-standing tradition for many Laughy get-togethers. To honor this, on Saturday & Sunday from 4-5 PM will be “Irish Rovers Happy Hour”.  Hosting is optional, but all are welcome to go roving.  Hosts will make their favorite or create a signature mixed drink.  Hosts will be provided with 1 ounce serving glasses for people to have a “wee nip” of their offering.  The hosts serving alcohol will be given a Green flag, the hosts serving non-alcohol will be given an Orange flag, to place in view at their campsites indicating they are a “Happy Hour Host”.  Kids are invited to try their hand too even if they just want to provide a sample of pop!  Those interested will “ROVE” from camp to camp sampling as we go. If you are not camping and want to participate, join up with someone who is, it can be a 2-sample stop.  Please note- THIS IS NOT INTENDED TO BE A SHOOTER BAR, or the light weights won’t have as much option to sample! 
Wine Survivor – on going on Saturday and Sunday
Anyone interested in being on a “Wine Survivor Team” bring a bottle of wine of minimum $15 value.  Teams will be drawn out of a hat.  Teams will create a name and a cheer.  All team names will be put in a draw.  At designated intervals a team name will be drawn, and
A. That team is “kicked off the island”. 
B. The team that gets drawn may elect to draw another team name and those teams will compete in a challenge for who gets “kicked off the island” and who goes back in the draw.
The last team in the draw wins all the wine!
  • Friday night social evening
  • Saturday night music by Colleen Lazoruk  7:30 PM
  • Sunday movie night
  • Saturday and Sunday afternoon Jam Sessions and Karaoke – sing, dance or bring any instruments you want and show off your talent or join into a group
  • Fireworks – Dependant on Fire Ban Status - You are welcome to donate a few fireworks for a collective display.  There will be a crew to set up and set them off. Myrna will get a permit.
History Tables – share if you have, the more the better:
  • Mementos and photos of historical or nostalgic significance to the Laughy clan – write the story/significance
  • Photos of loved ones to display for all of us to enjoy or be informed about – label who is in the pictures
  • Photo albums to browse through
  • Bring a page with photos of your family and/or a photo of your family with your parents – label who is in the picture
  • Make your family tree so we can all learn the who-descended-from-who of the Laughy clan.
  • Please put your name on anything you display so there are no ownership issues. 
  • Please pick up anything belonging to you before you leave, return costs will not be in our budget
Registration Deadline May 1st
Organizing Committee, Descendants of Joseph Valentine Laughy:  
  • Carly Gravel587.227.8410 
  • Linwood Laughy780.805.9242                        
  • Peggy Laing780.307.5091
  • Laurie Laughy780.816.1345
  • Vonnie Laughy-Bobbitt780.307.7038
  • Lace Caouette780.706.0478/780.778.0210
  • Myrna Birchall780.307.5365