As we all look forward to the Reuion, this website is going to slowly continue to construct. Like the event itself, not all the information is finalized, so please keep checking back and I will try my best to update the site when new items are available to me. Any Laughy Family member, who has a suggestion or is eager to help with the Reunion is encouraged to do so. The Laughy Reunion is a collaboration of efforts on the behalf of alittle more than a handful from the Laughy Clan, and their feeling is that an event such as this should be an equal opportunity event. Meaning, each Laughy Family member should feel entitled to contribute to the organization process, as much as they should share in the enjoyment of the event during the Reuino dates. Meeting dates of the reunion planning committee are posted on the Calendar page, for those wanting to be included in any of the reunion planning. If your contribution is something outside of the planning process, and your not sure who contact simply send your name via email to laughyfamily@email.com and the appropriate person will be in contact with you. When we each take part just alittle in big events such as our 2019 Laughy Reunion, it stands to reason that we each get the opportunity to enjoy the event alot. Don't forget to bookmark or add this site to your favorites and visit occasionally for updates. And if you haven't already done so, please return to the home page, on the center bottom you will see a Tell a Friend button, click on it to pass an invite onto to another family member if you could - Thanks!